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1/13/17 This Fantasy Friday we have Part 20 of The Red Hand by Shane Migliavacca and Part 19 of The Hammer of Hu'Mod by Joe Solmo

1/6/17 Hello there and welcome to Fantasy Friday. Today we have Part 19 of The Red Hand by Shane Migliavacca and Part 8 of The Sun Door by Joe Solmo.

1/4/17 We have our first post of the New Year, brought to you by a brand new contributor to the site, Lara Noel. Check out her story Along the Graves for this years first Horror Hump Day!


12/30/16 Fantasy Friday greets you with Parts 18 of both The Hammer of Hu'Mod and The Red Hand! Check out interviews with founder "Splatter" Joe, Daniel XIII and Blaine L WInston!

12/28/16 Happy Horror Humpday! It's been a while since we had a tale to tell that would send shivers down your spine. Check out Homecoming from Joe Solmo and The Taste of Victory by CJ INsanity!

12/23/16 Today we have The Red Hand Part 17 and The Sun Door Part 7! Curl up in a blanket and give them a read.

12/16/16 Fantasy Friday is here! Today we have new installments of both The Red Hand and The Hammer of Hu'Mod!

12/12/16 On this snow-filled Monday enjoy some heated angry poems from our CJ INsanity with Arsonist and The Luxury of A House In The Woods!

12/9/16 Today on this cold Fantasy Friday we have The Red Hand Part 15 and The Sun Door Part 6 for you!

12/2/16 Fantasy Friday arrives with new parts of The Hammer of Hu'Mod and The Red Hand!

11/28/16 Another Dreary Monday arrives with this week's Dark Poetry submission, I Kill For Fun by CJ INsanity. Enjoy!

11/25/16 Welcome to Black Friday! When you are all done trampling your fellow man for the sales, take a few minutes and read the latest installments of The Red Hand Part 13 and The Sun Door Part 5 for you on this Fantasy Friday!

11/18/16 Fantasy Friday brings you The Hammer of Hu'Mod 15 and The Red Hand 12. Enjoy! 

11/16/16 Today on Horror Humpday we bring you Secrets of the CIA by CJ INsanity!

11/14/16 Today we have some Dark Poetry from CJ INsanity for you. Enjoy Classified and The Sociopath!

11/11/16 Fantasy Friday brings you another part to The Red Hand and the latest in The Sun Door.

11/7/16 Today on Dark Poetry Monday we have 3 from CJ INsanity Hang Man, The Epitome That Is Me, and Helloween!

11/4/16 This Fantasy Friday brings you part 10 of The Red Hand and Part 14 of The Hammer of Hu'Mod. Enjoy!

10/31/16 Happy Halloween and happy Dark Poetry Monday! We have 2 dark poems for you today by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds! Speak 1 and Speak 2. Enjoy!

10/28/16 Another Fantasy Friday is upon us! This week we have part 9 of The Red Hand and Part 3 of The Sun Door.

10/21/16 Happy Fantasy Friday, Readers! Today we have Part 13 of The Hammer of Hu'Mod and Part 8 of The Red Hand. Check them out. As always shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think!

10/19/16 It's Horror Hump day and do we have some stuff for you. Today we have Miles to go and Skies to Fly, Hold Back The Day by CJ INsanity and the final installment of "Splatter" Joe Solmo's 3 part serial killer saga A Night To Kill. Check them out!

10/17/16 Today on this Dreary Dark Poetry Monday we have Pages 12 and 13 of SSS and Coma, by CJ INsanity.

10/16/16 Welcome to Sci-fi Sunday. Today we have a short poem from CJ INsanity called You're going to hell kid.

10/14/16 Fantasy Friday has arrived with new parts of both The Red Hand and The Sun Door, only at!

10/12/16 Happy Horror Hump Day! Today we have Part 2 of A Night to Kill by "Splatter" Joe Solmo. Next week will be the conclusion!

10/9/16  In Dark Poetry this week we have Something Sinister Soliloquy Part 11  by  J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds

10/7/16 Fantasy Friday Arrives with The Hammer of Hu'Mod Part 12, as well as The Red Hand Part 6!

10/5/16 On this Horror Hump Day we have two offerings, Sell Your Soul to the Devil, by CJ INsanity and the extreme horror tale A Night to Kill Part 1, by "Splatter" Joe Solmo

10/3/16 Today we have Pages 8, 9, and 10 of Something Sinister Soliloquy and The Man of Propaganda, on this Monday of Dark Poetry.

10/2/16 On this Sci-fi Sunday we have for you, When Creation Turns on Man by CJ INsanity.

9/30/16 Today on Fantasy Friday we have two offerings for you. The Red Hand Part 5 arrives from Shane Migliavacca and the Prequel to The Hammer of Hu'Mod, The Sun Door, by Joe Solmo

9/28/16 A brand new story for you today on this Horror Hump day from "Splatter" Joe Solmo called Hatchet!

9/25/16 Today on this Sci-Fi Sunday we have Just A Number by CJ INsanity

9/23/16 We got 2 offerings for you on this Fantasy Friday! The Red Hand Part 4 and The Hammer of Hu'Mod Part 11, exclusively at!

9/21/16 A little Humpday Horror lyrics by out newest contributor CJINsanity up now Check out All For the Orgasm!  Coming this Fantasy Friday - newest installment of The Hammer of Hu'mod! You can catch up on older chapters here!

9/19/16 Nothing like a little Dreary poem on this rainy Monday. Her Eyes by  J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds up now! New release format begins next week. Sci-fi Sundays, Dark Poetry on Mondays. Horror Humpdays, Fantasy Fridays. Check back for the newest content from writers! We also welcome CJINsanity. We will have his work soon!

9/16/16 We have Part 3 of The Red Hand, a creepy horror/fantasy by Shane Migliavacca and The Hunter, a horrific trip to the woods, by "Splatter" Joe Solmo! In Dark Poetry We have Something Sinister Soliloquy parts 5, 6, and 7 for you! Enjoy!

9/9/16 In Dark Poetry this week we have Something Sinister Soliloquy Parts 3 & 4 by  J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds. We also have the horror/fantasy  The Red Hand part 2 by Shane Migliavacca, and Part 10 of The Hammer of Hu'Mod by Joe Solmo. 

9/2/16 New this week we have a loose sequel to "The Farmhouse" by "Splatter" Joe Solmo with "Party in the Woods. Extreme Gore-infused fiction. We also have part 2 of  J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds Something Sinister Soliloquy with Part 2, Desecration.

8/26/16 An Epic Dark Poem begins today with Something Sinister Soliloquy Part 1 A Hunter's Moon by  J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds. Also we have "Splatter" Joe's The Hammer of Hu'Mod Part 9 as well as The Red Hand Part 1, a new horror/fantasy from Shane Migliavacca!

8/19/16 This week we have 3 new submissions for you. "Splatter" Joe Solmo brings you a short horror story about pesky things that go bump in the night in Just a Dream.  J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds gives us Be Well of the Moon Part 2! and the exciting conclusion to Daniel XIII's The House of Thirteen Doors.

 8/12/16 We have part 3 of Daniel XIII's House of Thirteen Doors, part 8 of Splatter Joe Solmo's Hammer of Hu'Mod and part 1 of Be Well of The Moon, some poetry from J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds. 

8/5/16 We have a lot for you this week, Daniel XIII gives us The House of Thirteen Doors Part 2. "Splatter" Joe Solmo brings a new extreme horror tale to the table in Till Death Do Us Part, Shane Migliavacca offers us a Ax Murder on a spree in The "Annilhator" and J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds gives us the dark poem, Sleep. Give us some feed back on our Facebook page or tweet us and let us know how you are enjoying our stories!


7/29/16 Today we have Part 1 of Daniel XIII novella The House of Thirteen Doors, a demented and creepy classic horror tale. We have part 7 of The Hammer of Hu'Mod from "Splatter" Joe Solmo and we have Prelude to war of the Nephilim, dark poetry from J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds so check them out!

7/22/16 "Splatter" Joe Solmo brings 2  tantalizing tales of horror this week. The first story Wolf Moon is about a camping trip gone horribly wrong, the second is a Lovecraftian style tale of man seeking woman, in Savior of The Sea. Check out both stories in our Horror section.

7/15/16 Shane Migliavacca brings us a truly creepy story in Night Shift. Also in fantasy we have Part 6 of The Hammer Of Hu'Mod by "Splatter" Joe Solmo, The Sci-fi series Blue Roses has a new installment and a dark poem entitled Salem.  Check back every Friday for new material and give us a like on facebook and a follow on twitter if you like what you see.

7/8/16 Good Morning everyone! Today we have 3 new entries for you. J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds brings us a short Dark Poem entitled Gargula. Part 5 of The Hammer of Hu'Mod from "Splatter" Joe Solmo arrived as well as the Occult story The Blind Date.  Give them all a look and thanks for liking us on facebook!

7/1/16 Another installment of the Sci-fi story Blue Roses by Blaine L Winston comes at you today as well as the fantasy serial, The Hammer of Hu'Mod part 4 by "Splatter" Joe Solmo. New Dark Poetry by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds arrives as well in the form of Vard Lokkur’s Reluctance.


6/25/16 New content live now! Part 2 of Blue Roses by Blaine L Winston has arrived. Also Splatter Joe tries his hand at Sci-fi in the not so short story The Icarus Project.  Misery and Charon's Call comes to as Splatter Joe shares some lyrics he wrote in the Dark Poetry catagory. and finally Shane Migliavacca brings us a chilling tale of  horror in the short story, Echoes!


6/17/16 Check out the conclusion to The Russian Who Fell to Earth by Shane Migliavacca, The Drive a poem by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds , and The Farmhouse, a family's afternoon goes terribly wrong in this extreme horror tale by "Splatter" Joe Solmo. All up now!

6/10/16 New extreme horror Commuters by Joe Solmo. Part 3 of his fantasy The Hammer of Hu'Mod is also up. Check out part 2 of The Russian Who Fell to Earth  by Shane Migliavacca!

6/3/16 2 new stories up in Horror. Snap, Crackle, Pop by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds and The Russian Who Fell to Earth Part 1 by Shane Migliavacca! check them out here!

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