All for the Orgasm

by CJINsanity


I walk through fine,
I crossed the line,
It's another crime,
I won't do the time.

I cut across her throat,
Sticking my fingers inside,
Pulled out the spine.
Licking the blood off my lips,
As I smeared more over it.
With every glimpse,
I shoved my cock deeper
Into the hole in her neck.

Now there is one part left,
My ejaculate!
I have to get rid of it,
Or I'll be committed of it!

So I vacuum the opening where I slit,
Burned it till there's nothing left.
Her body was found the next few days,
With her spine removed and body decayed.

The best person to kill,
Is a stranger at a mall.
Follow them home and reek havoc on them all!

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