Be Well of The Moon Part 1

by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds


Stars…Stars… We are them and they are we.

Tonight my feet barely touched this Earth

I felt as if I floated gazing straight up to the Heavens

So far…far… for me to fall as if I hang, broken man

In the sky strangled by my rosary.


Looking up – from the Well of The Moon

There is light in the darkness, there is starlight too

Yet I cannot see the Light – drowning

In the Well of the Moon.


These are my thoughts under the will of the Loon

A life in suspension in the Well of the Moon

A life spent alone but this is not to fear

Because the undertow drags you near


Tonight I cannot see you, such a bad night for Magick

To bring you back from all this life’s tragedy

To see you by starlight the pale of your skin

Now we are falling within the well from within


Now there is no one left to catch you

At times not even an echo in the well

Perhaps I am here but I’m not with you

I’ve been nothing since I fell


In the Well of the Moon.


There’s no use in bathing in the blood of impending doom

Now I can see you here with me in the Well of the Moon

And I want you to know that this is no one’s fault

I simply remember – All.


I’d ask psychopomps in flight

Drink deep starlight keep

Murder of crows bring me to fly be under my feet

To leave you behind

In the Well of the Moon.


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