by CJ INsanity

And it starts again,
Another note I write
with this invisible pen,
Cant count the times but I know it'll only happen again.

So call it what you want
But it's just empty thoughts
Of how I came to be,
Look at the life
That we have made,
Torturing the civilians of the human race.

I'm sick of it I'm sick of you,
Always telling me what to do,
Killing everyone and wondering
Where its going to.

We Disguised ourselves into your community,
Infiltrated exterminated the weak
I kept abducting but the bodies weren't cold,
So burn them inside a time capsules.

Without any evidence
I get rid of the malevolence,
From what seemed so innocent.

Things aren't always what they seem,
Darkness doesn't only show in your dreams,
The truths more frightening then your led to believe
Classified documents keeps the truth from you and me.


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