by CJ INsanity


Halloween 94 I was cutting limbs and hanging them in trees,
conscious was averted by a perception of the mind that's making you believe.

It's all plastic and fake,
Another illusion for the eye to take,
Not realizing it's someone wake,
You're too busy on your date
If you'd just stop and asked.

You wouldn't have seen my mask,
When I began to make my cast,
You're strapped to the table and gauged,
Your girls in the corner bloody and dead.

Is it real or is it fake,
Maybe I'm just really baked,
Did you really ask for cake,
I'll mold you into a cast,
Put you in the oven till your lungs collapse..

I'll feed you, I'll sew you,
I see you, I need you,
I loved you, I killed you,
I nailed you, I mailed you
to your mom and dad.

I ate you, I hate you ,
I break you, I don't plan getting a thank you!
But, your life, is a misuse,
there is no redos,
And we have an issue!



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