Just A Number

by CJ INsanity

I'm watching our future fading.
I'm seeing soulless bodies on the street.
When we refuse to throw away our garbage,
The curbs begin to pile and mutations starts to sweep .

Then creatures begin to evolve or a new breed of species comes to existence,
Due to chemical composition
who knows what monsters can lurk in the mist.

Toxicity levels would arrive mutating humans exposing radiation to an all time high.
It's just an accident they'll lie,
Looking right into our eyes.
It should be a crime
It's only a matter of time
Before we all die.

The Christ isn't the man on the cross,
It's the banks that rob us all,
when there's plenty of homes to fill every homeless man on street,
Instead of filling your pockets with greed,
Taking more then you need
While others beg and starve,
Now swallowed with their bones licked clean.

I laugh as I throw the billionaires out of their jets and planes,
Watching their bodies fall from the sky,
landing on the pile of shit they've made,
cheering they're alive
Then the creature swallows them and it shits out the skeleton.

They're immune to fire
and bullets don't effect them,
These monsters must be stopped
But only by decapitation
And we don't have any blades that can penetrate them.


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