Maggotory Rape by "splatter" Joe Solmo


                “Come on Tom,” Gina said with a smile as she tugged at her boyfriend’s arm playfully. The chill night air gave her goosebumps, or maybe it wasn’t the weather.

                “Are you sure you want to do this?” Tom asked as he reluctantly followed Gina past the wrought iron gate. “It’s a little weird.”

                “I told you my fantasy was to do it in a graveyard at night. I bet a lot of people have that fantasy,” she replied.

                “Yah but on your mother’s grave? That seems a little extreme,” he complained.

                “You’re not gonna turn down sex are you? I mean the devil isn’t building a snowman is he?” she chided.

                “Oh course I’m not turning it down. I just don’t want to get started and have you change your mind,” Tom said as he shined the flashlight on a sign that said section C. “Where is it again?” he asked.

                “Should be right up here babe, shine the light to the left,” Gina said with a giggle, pulling her shirt off over her head.

                Tom’s heart raced when he saw the bare white flesh of Gina. He had been attracted to her as long as he had known her, since the third grade, and the last six months have been great. Tom had never been happier in his life. He didn’t have much luck with woman, but he had always been in love with Gina. Finally after years he decided to make a move and it was like magic.

                Shortly after they started dating he realized she was a little kinky in bed. A month into their relationship they were trying things he only saw videos of on Porn Hub. Some of the things he didn’t think were even legal, including trespassing in a cemetery at night to have sex on Gina’s mom’s grave.

                “Here it is,” Gina said plopping onto the soft grass directly under a large stone. Gina let out a giggle as she pulled a can of beer out of her purse. It shot into her face as she opened it.

                “I’m gonna do the same thing to you shortly,” Tom joked as he kneeled in front of her and gave her a passionate kiss. Gina wrapped her legs around him and pulled him down on top of her. She couldn’t help herself, she had to have Tom right here right now.

                Throughout Gina’s life she used sex to get through emotional times. When her father had left her mother and her, she was only thirteen years old and it hurt inside. The only way she filled the void left by her father was through the attention of young men. She had lost her virginity within two months of her father leaving and had a steady stream of lovers ever since.

 It was hard for her to stay with one person, none of them were what she really craved, her father’s attention. Throughout the years it was harder and harder for her to be sexually satisfied by her lovers without adding something to it. Some kind of added bonus to take her mind off of things and let her lose herself in the moment.

Tom gripped her pants button and nearly tore off her jeans with excitement. Gina laughed as he struggled with her zipper. “Do I have to do it?” she said sarcastically as she wriggled trying to help him.

“I got it,” Tom replied yanking on her pant legs from the bottom. A few violent tugs had got them down mid-thigh.

“For fuck’s sake, let me do it,” Gina said and pushed Tom away. She stood over him and stepped out of her jeans. Her black lace panties followed quickly as Tom grabbed them and pulled. Her shaved pubic mound was mere inches from his face. With a sudden surge of bravery he leaned forward and kiss it.

                Gina’s hands grabbed the back of Tom’s head, holding him there, tight against her as he probed her intimate area with his mouth. Soon moans began to escape Gina’s lips and her knees started to go weak and she had to lay down on the grass. Tom never stopped and Gina writhed with pleasure.

                After a while Tom rose to his knees. “It’s my turn,” he said and rolled onto his back.

                “Oh alright, I guess since you did such a good job,” She chided and climbed on top of Tom. A few seconds later Tom had his eyes closed listening to the sucking noises come from his lap.

                “Oh yah, Gina, you know exactly what I like.” He whispered between gasps of pleasure. Tom grabbed at Gina’s pigtails playfully. A minute later she rose up and sat on his chest. “What are you doing? I’m not finished yet!” he said exasperated.

                “I don’t want you to finish so soon, then I would have to masturbate in a cemetery, and that would be creepy,” Gina said in a playful tone as she shook her breasts at him.

                “Well let’s hurry before we have to start over, I’m starting to get soft over here,” Tom said pointing at his crotch. 

                “We will fix that, don’t worry,” she said and tackled him. They started to writhe in the dew covered grass that filled this part of the graveyard, the slick, wet, coldness coated them as blades of grass stuck to their wiggling forms.

                Gina rolled off of Tom and breathed heavily. “I’m getting tired up here, you’re on top, mister,” she said.

                “Ok with me,” her lover responded and started to rearrange himself in the darkness. Gina sat with her legs spread and her back up against the stone engraved with her mother’s name on it. The headstone started to rock back and forth with the rhythmic thrusting of Tom. A few thrusts later Gina let out a squeal as the stone fell backwards behind her and she was laid out on top of it.

                “Get off me,” she said to Tom when she realized he wasn’t going to stop.

                “Come on, I was getting close, for fuck’s sake,” Tom replied.

                “Help me fix the stone, sorry mom,” Gina said trying to lift the heavy object.

                “It’s ok to fuck here, but not to knock over a stone?” Tom asked.

                “Yah asshole, it’s disrespectable,” she replied. Tom shook his head and got behind the stone. With a grunt he lifted it upright and had Gina from the front position it back in place.

                “Are we good now?” he asked.

                “Yeah, babe, thanks,” Gina replied sliding the stone the last inch. From behind the stone Tom looked down on his girlfriend’s white flesh in the moonlight as he struggled on all fours. He quickly ran around the stone and got behind her.

                “Now back to business,” Tom said with a smile as he slipped inside of her. He thrust violently into his woman trying to get the momentum back he had previously.

                “Oh tiger, you’re so forceful,” Gina said with a smile and put her head down. A few thrusts later she hit her head on her mother’s stone. “Not so rough, I’m hitting my head,” she said. Tom didn’t seem to notice or if he did he didn’t care, the violent thrusting hadn’t subsided. Tom started to grunt a little louder and Gina knew that he was close to orgasm. He closed her eyes and knew it would all be over soon.

                Tom’s thrusted as hard as he could, he was so close to finishing, finally. He could feel the chill night air over his naked body and wanted to get the hell out of the graveyard. He horrifically envisioned getting a tick on his sack, and tried to put the visual out of his head. He was so close…He could hear himself grunting louder now, and held his eyes shut tight. Any second now…

                Tom heard a scream and Gina fell away from him, his sex slick member exposed to the night. “What the fuck Gina,” he said and opened his eyes. Gina was laying on the grass, he quickly dropped down and filled her back up, and that’s when he saw the blood.

                Her mother’s stone had fallen on Gina’s head. Blood began to pool under her hair, but he was so close…

                “Just a few more seconds,” he whispered as he closed his eyes from the sight in front of him and concentrated on finishing. A few seconds later he did just that with a loud gasp of air. He had been holding his breath without realizing it. “Oh Gina, you were right, this cemetery thing was great. That was the best nut I had in a long time,” he said and rolled off of her covered in sweat.

                “Gina, quit fucking around,” he said standing up and grabbing the stone in his hand. “Gina?” he said questionably as he lifted. What he saw under the stone sent shock through him. Her head looked misshaped somehow, and wet. He looked down at her slim waist, he couldn’t see a rise and fall of her lungs.

                Panicked now, he grabbed her and rolled her over onto her back. “Gina, wake up, he said looking around the graveyard. Her eyes stared up at the moon traveling across the sky. He put his hand on her neck to check for a pulse, nothing. Was I even doing it right? He wondered and tried her wrist, but again got nothing there.

                “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he said as he gathered up his clothes and got dressed. Tom scanned the scene nervously, as the realization sunk in. She was dead, Gina was fucking dead. He was going to jail, there was no doubt about it.

                His brain, still bereft of blood, reminded him of what he said as he climbed off his dead girlfriend. It was the best orgasm he had ever had.  Was it because of thrill of being outside, or was it because she was dead?

                What an awful thought to be thinking, he said to himself. What kind of fucking looney would I have to be to think that way?  His eyes followed the curves of Gina’s milky flesh as he stood there above her holding her clothes.

                A few moments later found him placing a seatbelt around her body carefully in the passenger seat of his corolla. “Safety first,” he giggled and had a fleeting thought about his own sanity. He shrugged and ran around to the driver’s side while glancing around for witnesses. If he played this right he could get her home without anyone noticing. The engine came to life as he headed home with the corpse of his girlfriend.

                Twenty minutes he pulled into the garage of the house they shared. He waited for the door to close behind him before removing her from the car. Blood had meandered it way down her face, hiding her beautiful features in a crimson mask.

                “I will clean you up, don’t worry Gina,” he said put his arms around her and dragged her from the dark garage. He left the lights off as he dragged her through the hallway towards the bathroom, just in case the curtains were up in the hall windows.

                The squeak of the faucet being turned on in the tub seemed like an air horn going off in the silent house. A tear left Tom’s eye as he realized he would never hear Gina’s laugh or seductive voice again. He sighed as he undressed her and placed her in the tub.

                “I hope it’s not too cold, hon,” he said, then laughed. “Hah, too cold for a corpse.” He turned the warm water up a little anyway as he dug for a wash cloth. With the gentle touch of someone who really cares he dapped the wet cloth on her face washing away the gore.

                “I can’t stand to see your beautiful face like this,” he said as he brushed her hair out of her face. There was blood matted all through her hair. In the light of the bathroom, he could get a decent look at her head wound.

                The back of her head was caved in. A flat spot, were it should be curved, it was so wrong he was repulsed, but this was the love of his life. “Oh babe, look what happened. I am so sorry. I didn’t know,” he said as he broke down into tears. He dropped the cloth into the pinkish water that flowed over her dead naked body.

                After the crying subsided he washed her hair gently and dried and dressed her in fresh clothes. “You still look beautiful, baby,” he said and grabbed her make up bag from under the sink. With a surgeons precision he began to apply her make up just the way she did. He had watched her do it from time to time and practically had it down.

                He threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom where he laid her down on her side of the bed, just like they would on any normal night. He undressed and climbed in next to her, placing an arm around her. “I’ll know what to do in the morning baby, goodnight,” he said and shut off the lights.

                The next morning Tom woke to find Gina stiff as a board, but looking as beautiful as usual. Her normal pale skin didn’t look much different. Tom rose from the bed and stood next to her looking down sadly. “What am I going to do?” he asked the room.

                “I can’t keep her, that would be crazy, but if I tell anyone I would go to jail. Should I just bury her?” he thought out loud. “I could take a ride out to the woods after dark and bury her, no one would know. She doesn’t talk to her family, only me,” he said trying to work out the logistics of it.

                Tom spent the day collecting things he would need to take care of the nasty business of the evening, leaving Gina alone in the bedroom of their home. He gathered a shovel, black garbage bags, and some rope. He had heard that bodies bloat after death and packed a butcher knife into his tackle box he kept in his car. He would poke her full of holes before burying her so she wouldn’t bloat and give away her final resting space.

                He ate a cold meal consisting of a tuna sandwich in silence around six o clock. All day he avoided going into the bedroom to see his poor girlfriend stiff from rigor mortis. He could trick his brain into disbelieving the whole ordeal if he just stayed away from seeing it, he lied to himself.

                He stood in the bay window of his living room watching the sun set slowly over the house across the street as he drank from a bottle of Jack, tears streaming down his face. His brain was getting fuzzy, he thought. “Time to lay off the booze, I have work to do,” he said.

                “Of course you do, Tom,” came a voice from behind.

                “What the fuck?” Tom exclaimed and spun around. Gina stood in the doorway to the bedroom wearing the clothes he had dressed her in last night.

                “You need to satisfy your woman,” Gina said and smiled a sideways grin that she always did when she was being playful.

                “But…your dead, I saw you die,” Tom said.

                “Dead?” she said laughing. “Dead bored maybe,” she said taking a step back into the darkness of the bedroom. “Now are you going to come in here and do your boyfriend duties or do I have to stir the trough myself,” she said.

                “Gina?” Tom said still in disbelief.  Only silence escaped the bedroom as he tried to make heads or tails over the situation. Maybe her pulse was really weak and he didn’t feel it. After all he was no fucking doctor. She was alive. She was alive!

                “Gina, I’m so glad you’re ok,” Tom said as he trotted into the dark bedroom. “Gina, I love you.”

                “Not now Tom, take me already,” she said laying on the bed.

                “Are you sure you are up to it?” he asked.

                “Tom, don’t be a pussy, come here, rip my clothes off and fuck me,” she said.

                He quickly undressed and jumped on the bed stiffening as he pulled her clothes off, much easier than he did in the cemetery the night before. He kissed his way up her legs and her flat stomach until he was looking into her eye. He slid inside of her, maybe a little too soon, she was dryer then she normally was, but it could be due to the trauma she went though.

                It didn’t take him long to finish, it was really good, only a few minutes had passed since he entered her. Come to think of it she didn’t get that wet, he thought as he rolled off of her and lay on the bed next to her.

                “You were so quiet, are you ok?” he asked as he tried to catch his breath. Gina didn’t respond. Tom rolled onto his side facing her. “Did you come, babe? Babe?” he said as he saw her just staring up at the ceiling. “Gina?” he said and reached a hand out to her.

                She was cold, not ice cold, more like room temperature, but still cold for a person. He noticed the look on her face, just as it was last night after the accident. “What the fuck is going on?” he thought as he stared at the corpse of his girlfriend.

                “You were fine a little while ago. I saw you standing, I heard you talk,” he said as he sat up and grabbed a cigarette. Gina didn’t respond, she didn’t move, she didn’t do anything, except for maybe decompose a little bit.

                “It’s gotta be the guilt, I’m going mad because of the guilt. The sooner I get her in the ground the better,” Tom thought as he rose and grabbed his clothes. He looked down at his former beautiful Gina laying there. “I’m a fucking monster,” he said.

                He carried his tools to the corolla in the garage. He was done with all of this. He would bury her tonight and tomorrow clear out the checking account. He could start over somewhere else if he had too. Some backwoods place that didn’t ask too many questions.

                He walked into the bathroom and saw the g string that Gina was wearing the night before laying on the floor. He said it was the best sex of his life, and she was dead, he thought. “What is wrong with me?” He started to move towards the bedroom then halted after two steps.

                “I just had incredible sex with a corpse, for the second time,” he said. He closed his eyes at the realization that he might be a necrophiliac. “Those guys are sickos. I’m not one of those, am I?” he asked the air as he entered the doorway to the bedroom.

                Tom but his head back against the door frame and ran his hands through his hair as he sighed.

He faced his dead girlfriend. “It’s not like I murdered you. It was an accident. I didn’t know I was perverted like this,” he explained to her body. A minute passed as darkness closed in around him. “You were always kinky, maybe you wouldn’t be so saddened to know what I have been doing with your body,” he said as he sat down on the bed next to her and reached out and caressed her breast.

                “The first thing I need to do is figure out how to preserve you, so our love can last forever,” he said as he slid his hand down her abs. “No one will come between us, there won’t be any fights, just kinky sex, the thing you loved the best. I will look into preserving you in the morning, but tonight, we have plans,” he said as he pulled his member out of his pants and kneeled over her face. He places his hands in her mouth and forced them open.

                “Now I don’t want to feel any teeth, Gina,” he said and pulled her lips tight against him. He closed his eyes and envisioned one of the numerous times she had given him a blow job. “You always gave the best head.”


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