Miles to go and skies to fly, hold back the day

by CJ INsanity


Well I guess I see how much I really meant to you,
I've been spit up and chewed out constantly lied to,
sitting here waiting with no response.

It's like there's a whisper in the air but it's not really there,
just something I've created that puts this subconscious thought into mind that you really care.
I've been brought to tears hoping I'd get a response, but the message isn't very clear.

I then see a light coming my way, is it just another envision that I have deluded myself into believing, to keep my spirits high from this disappointed outburst that I'm forced to live with,
It's like my grave I'm constantly digging pleading forgiveness.
This loneliness has to stop as I must venture forth to my own fortresses,
To devise a plan to get this lass
And save her from the treacheries afoot.

I knew all I needed was a hook,
To reel her in and sink it down,
By the hotel with the pool that she had drowned,
Had been left floating there overnight,
I caught her cheating on me with someone I already didn't like.
I stabbed him in the throat so fast he didn't even open his eyes,
As she was fast asleep unconscious from the Valium pills the doctor prescribed to help her sleep.

a little movement and down to the hotel lobby,
they didn't see I was carrying a body,
As I recreated the scene as if she slipped,
Falling in smacking her head so hard that her skull split. 


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