Prelude to war of the Nephalim

by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds


Manic garden of life

Hubris and Nemesis come to light

Mania will scratch like thorns if you ask who stops to smell the flowers?

Who cares anymore, Nigh is the hour when you forget the higher power


Nepahlim lose faith before they drop disguise

And take flight

They’ve been here forever slumbering gods amongst men

They’ll just laugh when they awaken, but who knows when


These aberrations of the preternatural

Suddenly come into focus

And wish as you might

This time they are not banished by the light


So as I channel the brute force of an open mind

And as humanity wars because it was born

I wonder if all of this is because I’m losing faith in humanity

One of you at a time


But who the hell am I to question?

A person who cares, reasons, loves, or scorns

None of these anymore

Something of Nothing to fill the void yet certainly not the norm


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