Secrets of the CIA

by CJ INsanity

Did you forget the length of the masses
How could you forget the wave that passes
Oh this storm will build till crashes
Were stuck in the middle of a fascist....... World

They're taking the lives
Rebuilding our mind
Weighing down our conscious
Of their crime

Since 1954 they started the testing
Programming and selling
The intelligence for war

Little Bobby is seven years old
this is not the first time he has been subjected to the electroshock
It's his third time. In all
Placed on the examining table
he is held down by two attendees

while the physician places a solution on his temples
Bobby struggles with the two men holding him down, but his efforts are rendered useless.

He cries out and tries to pull away. One of the attendants shoves a thick wedge of rubber into his face

He turns his head sharply away and cries out
"Let me go, please. I don't want to be here. Please, let me go."

The physicians irritated and she tells him, "Come on Bobby, try to be a big boy"
Bobby turns his head away from the woman
opens his mouth for the wedge that will prevent him from biting He begins to cry silently, his small shoulders shake and he stiffens his body against what he knows is coming.

Mary is only five years old. She sits straight-backed in the chair, moving her legs back and forth, humming the same four notes over and over and over.

framed in a tangled mass of golden curls,
moves up and down with each note.
For the first three years to the last

She had become too strange for her father, whose alcoholism clouded any awareness of his young daughter.
Mary's mother never wanted her anyway and was happy to have her taken away
When the LSD Mary had been given
begins to have its effects, she stops moving her head and legs sits staring at the wall.
She doesn't move at all. After about ten minutes, she looks at the nearby physician observing her, and says, "God isn't coming back today. He's too busy. He won't be back here in anyway"


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