by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds



base of the skull

seat of the soul

adventurous Brahmanism...

not likely.

just eat til you're full

sleep when your tired

dream of the future

call forth inner shaman

and see the answers

most likely.

seasons pass.

fitful sleep through

long dead winter gone

dirtiest of summers looming

not concerned

but perhaps should be

change of seasons

change of heart




back to bed

under the radar



or towards...


aching bones

tired and restless

apathetical procrastination.

a person cannot do absolutely nothing

(you're breathing)

so something is done in hindsight?





tired of caring

would rather be doing

yet at times when nothing is done something will yield.

place of nonaction commitment to nothing

yet with a soul that takes care of what needs to be done

riddle iculous epiphanies given in a sublime state of mind

sometimes unnoticed, taken at face values

a land of dreams with eerie inhabitants

sometimes not to be saught while you are awake...



I'm on my way

shelter me under glass

prey on me if you must

but it's the unexpressed vulnerabilities that are the strongest defenses at times

alpha male alpha waves

swimming deep seas of sleep

meet me there when you are able

in synchronicity be beholden to your every action

god or bad

raise cain if you are abel

but know your role

and if you wish me harm

cast an evil eye my way

I shall deliver it back to you tenfold

while the eye of the gods is forever awake

and watching you in dreams

I shall sleep

but unlike others when I am done

I shall be truly awake.



...Architect of dreams

spiraling towards infinity

web of sorrows

silent screams

manifesting destiny

bringing forth tomorrow

streaming consciousness

fully conscious now

of disarray

and in the light you shall see the way

of Heaven


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