Speak Part 1

by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds

Speak to me of Winters

With fire in your eyes

Speak the revelation with

Arrows in your hands

Tracing starbeams but

Your feet have never

Crossed the span

Never crossed the span

Of the lightyears

Your soul made of

Galaxies expanded

Beyond the sunset

That you exhale

For all to see

Blinded in the darkness

Blinded by the snowfall

There is a light in the black

And somehow we carry on

Equalizing eternity’s

Endless love of itself

Fire in your eyes

Speak the revelation

Thus spake the nephalim

And the cuddly cute demon

Children of the endless night

Perhaps with a little love and

Tutelage they may come to worship

The Light

Perhaps they shall come to speak the

Revelation aright

And there shall be one of the truest

Epiphanies ever laid before your feet

If Angels were to ever celebrate your might


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