The Crimson Scorpion Strikes! Part 11

by Shane Migliavacca


The Crimson Scorpion Strikes! Chapter 11 Night Escape



The woman behind Hally squirmed. The Crimson Scorpion drew a .45 from a shoulder holster. Aiming it at the scantly clad kept woman.

“Stay still.” The Scorpion said. Their voice dominating.And keep quiet.” Before turning their gaze to Hally. ‘You’ve done well for yourself.” The Scorpion’s voice became taunting “From number three man in Diamond Bill’s mob to it’s head honcho.”

“You him huh, the Crimson Scorpion.” Hally held a glass of milk in his trembling hand. “You here to kill me ?”

“Finish your milk Hally. I’m only here to ask you something.”

“Sure.” He answered, taking a reluctant sip of milk before setting it down. “Whaddya wanna know?”

“Just information about one of your former gang. Rocky Burke.”

Hally chuckled. “That little weasel? Your welcome to him.”

One of Hally’s guards pounded on the other side of the door.

“Boss! Boss! Are you okay in there?”

Hally’s eyes went to the door and then back to the Scorpion. The Scorpion drew their second automatic, drawing a bead on the door.

“Am I okay?” Hally asked in a low voice, looking at his guest.

“As I said sir. I’m not here to take your life… this time.” She assured him.

Hally shouted over the pounding on the locked door. “I’m fine! Beat it! I’m fine!”

The man grumbled behind the door before leaving.

The Scorpion swung the other pistol towards Hally. “So, where is Burke?”

“I don’t know where the kid is staying now. Hally said hoarsely. “But he has family in Mid-City. He’s always visiting them. The kid is loyal to them.”

“Where?” She pressed.

“A tenement on Bailey Street.” Hally stammered.

The Crimson Scorpion read Hally’s face. Sweat dripped down the side of his face. Fear in his icy blue eyes. He was telling the truth.

“Thank you. I’ll take my leave now. Some night soon, I may pay you another visit.” The Crimson Scorpion laughed.  

And with that she left. Opening the door and disappearing into the dark hall. Having found the bodies of the fallen men in the house, security as on alert. The Scorpion listened to their hushed words. Swiftly moving through the house with caution. Avoiding them with little problem. The sun would be coming up soon. Best not to be caught here when mornings rays lit up the house.

She needed to return to the penthouse. There wasn’t much more she could accomplish tonight. Pausing at the service door in the kitchen, the Scorpion’s eyes lingered on the dark kitchen. She swore to herself she’d return for Hally when the others were dealt with.

Making her way across the dew wet lawn, the Scorpion scaled the wall. Misa would be waiting on the other side. Dropping down onto the pavement. The predawn night felt unusual. A feeling of danger lingered in the air. Adding to the eerie feeling, her compatriot Misa was nowhere to be seen.

Before she could process where her friend could be, a white hot light blinded the Crimson Scorpion’s vision. Forcing her to step back and shield her eyes. A stern voice barked orders from behind the light.

“Lay down your weapons Crimson Scorpion and surrender! This is the police!”



The police. No doubt called by Hally. Perhaps a few that had been in Diamond Bill’s pocket. Now working for his successor. The Crimson Scorpion weighted her options. Her eyes focusing. Blinking out the spots caused by the sudden light. Two uniformed cops stepped out of the white vortex of light. Fleeing back over the wall would earn her a hail of gunfire. She’d be shot in the back before she’d gotten up and over the side. The Scorpion’s automatics still in hand were not an option. Corrupt as they might be, killing a police officer was not something she’d ever consider.

“I said: Lay down your weapons!” The first officer commanded.

The two officers approached. The first holding their pistol. Trained squarely on the Scorpion. The second held a pair of steel handcuffs. Squinting her eyes, she could make the light source was the headlights of their patrol car. There was no other cars, which meant these two were alone. She was unable to see if Misa was in their car, already in custody. But that felt unlikely. She’d not be taken so easily. Nor would be the Crimson Scorpion.

“Okay officers. I don’t wish any trouble. I’ll comply.”

Holding her pistols out, the Scorpion slowly lowered them to the sidewalk. Watching the pair of cops closely as they approached. The first kept his gun aimed squarely at the Scorpion. If they were indeed on the take, they’d have no qualms gunning her down. Yet they hadn’t. Not yet anyway. There was a chance they were good cops. Unless they planned on taking her somewhere to dispose of her. What ever the case, she regretted what she’d have to do next.

The moment the pistols touched the concrete, she jumped backwards, reaching for her belt. In a flash she snatched a small metal star, throwing it. The star whined through the air, striking the first officer in his gun hand.

It sliced into the glove covering his wrist. Dropping his revolver, he pulled the shuriken from his wrist. Curses on his lips. His partner was equally distracted by this turn. Grabbing the second cop, the Scorpion pushed him into his partner. Using the handcuffs to bind the men’s arms together, before delivering a stiff chop to both of the struggling men. Sending their limp bodies to the dew covered pavement.

“Well done my lady.” A quiet voice complemented from behind a shrub.

“Thanks for the help.” The Scorpion quipped, retrieving the fallen shuriken. 

“I had no fear you’d prevail.” She answered, a sly smile on her face.

The Crimson Scorpion looked down at the unconscious officers. It was unfortunate she had to hurt them. She ripped a bit of cloth from the man’s jacket. Bandaging the wound on his wrist.

“Would they show you such mery?” Misa asked

The Scorpion remained silent as she finished the bandage. 

“Was your mission a success?” Misa asked, changing the subject. She handed the Scorpion her hat and coat as she stood.

“Indeed it was my friend.” She replied. Shedding her disguise. “Come, let’s go home.” She took one last look at the mansion. “It’s been a long night.”


When Kitty woke a little after ten that morning, her mother was listening to the Wilbur White Show. He was going over the night’s events. The Crimson Scorpion’s “assault” on private citizen Vic Hally chief among them. He was outraged. Calling for the Scorpion’s head. He demanded the police take action. The other big story was an attack on South Side Johnny’s compound by unknown assailants . The same man who’s thugs came to the Opal looking for money. Could they have been attacked by the White Knights?

Her mother looked up from her book. “Your up late. Trouble sleeping?”

“No. Just so nice being in my old bed. I never wanted to get up.”

Her mother smiled. “I’m just happy to have you home again dear. Any plans for the day?”

“I thought I’d go to lunch with Fiona. Maybe taken in a movie.”

Her mother nodded in approval. “I’m glad the two of you have reconnected.” She stood. “I on the other hand am going to the ground breaking ceremony for the Van Alden building downtown. They say it’s going to be one of the tallest in the country when it’s finished.”

Her mother left before Kitty had finished her breakfast. She had no plans to see Fiona today. But telling her mother she was going to track down a young gangster wouldn’t be very wise. Done with her morning exercises Misa joined her.

“Have you been neglecting your Kata?” Misa asked.

“I train alone. At night.” She was right though. Since coming back to Starlight, Kitty had found it difficult to get her exercises in. She couldn’t afford to become lax. She’d almost died going after Diamond Bill the other night. If it hadn’t been for Misa she would have died.

There was a flash of steel, Kitty saw the blade out of the corner of eye. Grabbing the fork she’d just been eating scrambled eggs with. Catching the blade, inches from her left cheek.

“Too slow.” Misa observed. “The blade should not have gotten that close.”

“My reflexes are still good.” Kitty grinned. “Risky attacking me like that. What if I It hadn’t blocked in time.”

“I would have some cleaning to do.” The Japanese girl replied. Her eyes steely.

“We have a maid for that.” Kitty set her fork down. She could only imagine Connie’s reaction to that sort of mess. “I get your um… point though. Don’t fear. I’ll keep with my training.”

Kitty could feel the pain of the old man’s staff striking her back as if she was still there on the island. Every time she failed. The old man would strike her. Even if she got too cocky from doing well would earn her a wack. She’d spent long hours pulling wood splinters from her back, arms and legs at the end of the day.

Disguised as two sweatshop workers. Kitty and Misa headed to the Mid-City slums. Kitty planned to find the tenement where Burke’s family lived and stake it out. Underneath their baggy clothing, both women brought their weapons. Ready if things should turn sour. Kitty had no plans to hurt Burke’s family. Burke himself could prove trouble if they cornered him.

The tenement mentioned by Hally was the only one on the street. It sat surrounded by factories, warehouses and a couple empty lots. Taking up a position on a low concrete wall in the empty lot adjacent to the tenement. The pair ate a bagged lunch. Trying their best to appear as two women on break from one of the nearby factories. A chemical smell hung in the air. Making the simple act of breathing unpleasant. 

It was hard for Kitty to imagine that people lived here. With so much noise and pollution from the factories. She knew they had no choice. The cost of living here was probably lower then the rest of the Mid-City area.

They caught a few wayward glances as they sat there, for the most part though the people kept to themselves. The girl’s haggard dishevelled appearance helped to make people keep their distance.

By 3 pm Kitty was starting to doubt he’d show today. More drastic action might be called for. Another fruitless hour passed. The sweltering heat giving Kitty incentive to change her plan.

They headed to the apartment. Kitty changing her disguise on the way there. As they’d waited there staking out the warehouse she’d developed a new plan of action. She’d return to the tenement tonight and leave a message for Rocky Burke. A message from the Crimson Scorpion!  

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