The Crimson Scorpion Strikes! Part 18

by Shane Migliavacca

The Crimson Scorpion Strikes! Chapter 18 Bring Me The Head of The Crimson Scorpion!




Kitty left the apartment as Sue Sawyer. Her gear in a large handbag. She’d go see Misa, find out how she was coming along. Poor Doc Roberts would probably had all he could do to keep her there. The doc’s clinic wasn’t that far from the apartment. Something Kitty grimly noted for the future. She’d more then likely need his services again.

Ahead of her a group of people, stood gathered in front of storefront. A large floor model radio stood on display in the window. There was a murmur of excitement among the listeners.

The obnoxious voice of Wilbur White boomed from the radio. “I repeat again, for those that came in late. In the early hours of the morning. When yours truly was making his way to the illustrious Castle Building. The Crimson Scorpion made an attempt on my life.”

There was a hint of outrage in the crowd as the latecomers heard White’s words. Some calling for the lynching of the Scorpion. Kitty felt a different outrage rise from her belly. It was clear to her. Unable to get the job done last night, the blasted Jupiter sought to tarnish the Crimson Scorpion by going after the Scorpion’s harshest critic.

The murmur died down as White continued his tirade. “The radio station is offering a 5,000 dollar bounty on this vile rouge. For any information that aides in his arrest and prosecution.”

This really got the gathered crowd worked up.

“Furthermore.” White continued. “I’m offering an additional 5,000 of my own money, for anybody that brings me the head of this public nemesis!”

The crowd hooted and hollered at this. Many talking of how they’d spend such riches. All this fervour was finally to much for the store’s owner. Who appeared in the doorway with a broom. Demanding they all leave before the crowd drove off his customers.

Kitty headed towards the clinic. Feeling a weight again baring down on her. Now there’d be poor fools out on the streets, like those in front of the store. Looking for a chance to strike it rich by bringing down the Crimson Scorpion.

It was bad enough dealing with the mobsters and cops. Now the concerned citizens of Starlight would be out there. Amateur vigilantes. Egged on by that blowhard Wilbur White. Kitty stopped dead in her tracks as revelation struck her. Could the upstanding Mr. White be Jupiter? Perhaps there was no attempt on his life.

It was possible. Kitty had never seen the man. White could be a similar body type to the leader of the White Knights.

She smiled through thin lips. Perhaps Wilbur White would like the real Crimson Scorpion to pay him a visit. Yes, that would be most satisfying.

Outside Doc Roberts’ clinic, a long line people stood waiting. Kitty circumvented this by entering through the storeroom entrance around the back. Surprising a nurse getting supplies in the process. After some explaining and Doc Roberts’ intervention, Kitty got into the clinic proper. Doc Roberts not surprised in the least by the appearance of a mystery women looking for Misa.

“She said to expect you.” Roberts explained. “I take it you’re an associate of the fellow last night with the scar.”

“Indeed. We thank you for your aid and discretion with this matter.”

Roberts lower his voice. “Did you happen to hear Wilbur White’s radio broadcast this morning?”

“Yes.” She said. Kitty didn’t feel Roberts was the type to betray anybody for money. Even if the reward would help his clinic immeasurably. “What did you think of it?” Kitty asked.

“Sounded like a stunt. To boost White’s overinflated ego.” Roberts stroked his bearded chin. “If your associate from last night is who and what I think, he’d never attack somebody like White. Not unless he had good reason.”

“You’d be correct.” Kitty said.

They walked down a passage way out into the main area of the clinic. Rows and rows of cots lined the area. All of them empty save one. Where Misa sat cross-legged. Apparently in meditation. 

“I had all I could do to keep her here last night.” The doctor chuckled. “She’s quite the determined one.”

“You stayed here all night?” Kitty asked. Not really surprised by this. Roberts came across as a very dedicated man.

“Often I sleep the night here, when I have a patient that needs to stay. Sometimes I’ll get one that fakes being sick. Hoping to steal some of my supplies.”

Kitty shook her head. Even somebody like Roberts, trying to help the community wasn’t immune to being robbed by the very ones he’s trying to help.

“I can’t really blame them.” He continued. “Many of them are desperate and scared.”

They passed by empty cots. Many covered by worn sheets and blankets. Kitty made a note to donate some money to Roberts for bedding supplies.

“There’s a large crowd outside doctor.” The nurse Kitty had surprised before called from the door.

“I saw them when I arrived. Are you always this busy?” asked Kitty.

“Depends.” Roberts said. “All I know is I see my patients more then my wife most weeks.” He chuckled. A laugh with a touch of sadness to it. “You and your friend can leave by the rear. I’ll give you a few minutes, then I have to open the clinic. Make sure she doesn’t do anything too strenuous for a few days.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Kitty kissed him on the cheek. “Your kindness won’t be forgotten.”

Kitty approached the sitting Misa. The girl’s eyes closed.

“Ready to go?”

Misa stirred from her meditative state. “It’s about time you arrived.”

“Good to see you too.” Kitty said. “Let’s get going.”

That afternoon they sat in Kitty’s room at the penthouse. She’d spent the better part of the trip back from the clinic convincing Misa to stay at the penthouse tonight. She kept Wilbur White’s bounty to herself. Misa would never stay home if she knew about it. Kitty set the bag with her gear in the closet. Misa stood looking out the large double window. The sun was a dark yellow as it fell.

“I’m just happy to have you back.” Kitty said. “I didn’t think we’d make it out of there.”

“Nor did I.” She turned from the window. “Are you going back? To the club?”

Kitty closed the closet. “No. Not yet. I’m not ready to make a direct attack. Soon. There’s other things I need to look into first.”

Misa sighed, Sitting down on the edge of Kitty’s bed. “I am truly sorry. I failed you the other day. I was seen. I must have been, outside that club.”

Kitty sat next to her. “Failed. Not at all. Don’t think that you did. You should have never been in that position.”

“No,” Misa stated firmly. “Your fight is mine.”

“Okay.” Kitty touched Misa’s hand. “There’s some good that came of this. I think we may have a couple of potential allies in our war.”

“Can we trust this man, Jenkins?”

Kitty nodded. “I believe so. His goals are our goals.”

“That is good. But I will still keep my eye on him.”




Across town, underneath the Jaguar Club, Rocky Burke’s pulse quickened. He watched the door slide open. He wasn’t looking forward to seeing Jupiter. He’d been in a mood since the Crimson Scorpion had escaped. Leaving right after the Scorpion had fled. Coming back hours later. Nobody had a clue to where he disappeared too when he left like that. Or what he even looked like under the mask. Some of the men joked that he was some kind of ghost. Or others thought there were other secret passages underneath the club. Ones he used to come and go with.

Jupiter sat at the table. Candles barely lighting the room. He spun Diamond Bill’s coin on the table. Appearing unaware of Rocky’s presence.

After a couple seconds of watching this, Rocky spoke. His voice breaking. “You wanted to see me boss?”

Jupiter slapped his hand down on the coin. “How did it go?”

“You ain’t heard news?” Rocky asked. “It was all over the radio. Everybody thinks the Crimson Scorpion tried to off White.” Rocky’s voice became excited. “That was some plan you came up with, framing that mook. Whole city’s calling for his head.”

Jupiter picked up the coin. Dropping it in his breast pocket. “Good. Maybe we can still get rid of this pest yet.”

“I took care of that other thing to.” Rocky added.

“Thank you Rocky.” Jupiter said. “I forgot to ask you before.” His voice became morose. “How many men did we lose?”

Rocky hesitated. “Six. Five in the car chase and one here.” A shudder ran through Rocky. “The Crimson Scorpion pushed his freaking eyes in.”

Jupiter stood face to face with Rocky. “They were all valiant men. Good men. Good warriors. Their loss will be paid in the blood of our enemy. I’ll paint my mask red with it.” 

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