The Drive

by J.A. Von Schinzel - Reynolds



We all drive late at night

Sometimes the lights cut our souls to the bone

But the lights could have kept away the bite

Of the vampire, exorcism by driving

But there's no one left on the throne


Could you cure me of my depression?

Could you burn me, of my mind?

Why are you here, what do you want?

Many lifetimes now, 

I have left you behind


I smell you on the wind

Windows rolled down just a bit

The smell of smoke in the cab, 

sometimes my patience is thin

And on the wind, your spirit


Part 2 Who's Driving


You invade me

You pervade me

You enlighten me

You rob me of my day

And you sicken me


There was no one here

There was no one driving

There was no one flying

There was no one happy

And there was on one there


I will bless you

I will sanctify you

I will purify you

I will exorcise you

Or I will kill you


Here are you choices

Here is free will

Here is perversity

Here is blasphemy

Or here is salvation


Here is the Whole of the Law


For there is no weakness allowed

For the weak willed

For the ones who will inherit the Earth

For the pure and chaste

Nor for those of unclean spirit

For I am the driver


And this is the road to the fire


Part 3 Crosses, candles and bottles


The man in the rear view mirror becomes unseen

Becomes no one

Rides his chariot of fire forever more and beyond

I rides become one with the Sun

I am nearly become death, undone


Stereo screaming the soundtrack

To the cheap horror film that I've lived

Will they have the foresight to play this

At my funeral, will they find the cds that I've hid


They're already labelled ''Play at funeral''

They're behind the door on the top of the rack

and I could care less for the advice the funeral director will give

All of this is on my mind more than I care to admit...and on the

road there's a fine, salty mist


I'm never one to care to admit it, but I love my life more than I show

But this was the time I didn't see it coming

When I died on the way to the show

All you had to do was stop texting, for fuck's sake of course I'm always late

You only call me on the way out the door

But yes I am on my way


There was no real way to avoid it

I mean, sure my brake lights have been on

But it seemed like it meant little until I hit the back of the trailer

And from there I was simply airborne and then gone

It happened in an instant I smiled and said ''this is not like the others,

this is going to be the one''


This is the one I've been dreaming of

My last 15 minutes of fame

I'm going to be in the funny papers again

I fly through the air and burst into flame


They check my teeth to be sure they know my name

There's a roadside shrine where I died

A few people emptied some bottles over me

More than a couple cared, well, that's nice


Don't worry about me, if it happened, then it was the plan

Have a benefit for me? make it for needy children

My funeral's already paid for, no worries it's a win/win

Just know I'm going to be watching a lot of you from beyond the grave


Part 4 In Passing.


Might sound a little sensational, but if you know me it's just one of those things

And you never know about the life you could save

All of this came in a dream but took weeks to bother to write

And maybe this will help me the next time it's my bones meant for the road

''Pave the way'' takes on new meaning...and these dreams give more than just

a mere second sight. 


Fate sometimes makes plans for the fateless, the lines in my hands are thin

And sometimes they change...

We can see them, we can cut them, but we have to hold them

And if you live like you have holes in your hands from a cross

If you think you can see through the lines in the sand we are made of

Then perhaps you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize

It is you that the dreams are meant for, and it is you they are intended

to save.


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