The man of propaganda

by CJ INsanity

I don't care whether I live or I die!
As long as I make a difference in life!
I won’t eat I'll nearly starve, Gandhi said then they shot him dead,
With three bullets right below the heart.

How many more people must die
Due to your religious overview?
If it's not the money it's the lies
You don't think about the lives
9/11s just a lie
Another reason to cry.

Lincoln said all men should be free, No matter your race just follow me,
Watching a show Wilkes Booth crept behind and
used his firearm
Caught Lincoln above the eye.

JFK set to make the world better,
A sniper caught him waving.
As the car moved
Then suddenly stopped
Kennedys body dropped.

The tragedies in hand are so disgust!
They'll do anything to stick you into their plan,
Like brainwashing
Using drugs as an escape to a better land,
Where you're free to be yourself not judged by the upper hand!

Democrat or republic
Meaningless shit that shouldn’t exist,
All these politics aren't even real,
Moneys their investment so burn all your bills !
The man will do anything to keep you on your heels,
Spread the disease and sell the cure,
If we want to make a difference we have to stand together and be the cure!
Evolution will only make us stronger!
Then we can eliminate the poor,
Food for everyone,
shelter and clothing to keep you warm.

The things you need can be provided,
All this green is turning us mean!
The Greeks made coins
And it went to their heads,
For then the system was made
Things never changed!

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