The Russian Who Fell to Earth Part 3

by Shane Migliavacca



It was almost night fall when they reached the large barbwire fence. A large posted sign hung on it.  It was already getting cold. A slight chill hung in the air. Rochelle looked at Oliver and Cindy. Both were tired. But there was no stopping. Not with that thing out there. She looked up at the fence. It was fairly high. Although there was a tree they could use to get up to the top. It was the getting over that worried her.

"Think you guys could manage a climb?"

"I don't see any other way." Oliver said. He looked at his sister. "Sis?"

She didn't answer at first. She'd been quite since they'd fled. Rochelle wasn't sure if Cindy was shutting down from what they'd seen. She looked at the two of them A blank look on her face.

"I think I can manage."

"Good. We'll go up the tree and then over. That's gonna be the hard part."

Oliver looked up at the fence. Sizing it up. "No doubt."

"I'll go last. cover our ass."

"I was thinking I should go last." Oliver said.

"No. I want you to help your sister over. No time to pull a white knight Oliver."

"I can manage okay." Cindy said. "Don't worry about me."

"Okay then." Rochelle said. "Here."

She took of her flannel jacket and handed it to him.

"For the top." She said.


Oliver started up the tree. Rochelle watched him. His progress was slow. There wasn't much to grab onto further up the tree.

"You never asked if I was okay." Cindy said.

"I thought it wasn't appropriate. How could anybody be after that."

"Yeah. Guess your right."

"Hey you guys." Oliver called down to them. "Here goes nothing."

Rochelle looked up. Oliver reached out and grabbed the fence.

"Well, it's not electrified." Oliver said.


"My brother always tries to be a wise ass to cheer me up. Or make me forgive him."

Oliver made is way over the barbed wire.  They could here him swearing to himself.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, mostly. Just a few cuts."

"How's my jacket?"


"My turn?" Cindy said. She turned to Rochelle. "You know, I'm glad I asked you along."


Cindy started up. She was definitely a way better climber then her brother. It took her half the time it did Oliver to reach the top. Rochelle looked out into the woods. There was barely any light left. No sign of big ugly. Maybe they'd gotten lucky and he'd bled to death from that knife in the back.  Rochelle knew they couldn't be that lucky though. That wasn't how life worked. She looked up again. Oliver was helping his sister over. At the same time trying to keep himself from falling off the fence. Rochelle took a deep breath. Big tough Kentucky girl. But your afraid of climbing the goddamn tree. It was back when she was ten. Climbing on the garage roof when nobody was around. Just Rochelle and her best friend, Stacy Browning. One of them had thought it was a great idea to climb up on top of the garage. And then she slipped. Trying to show off for her best friend. Stacy went over the side. Rochelle had thought she'd died. She froze for a moment before looking over the edge. Then she heard Stacy crying. She'd hit the ground hard, but luckily only broke a leg.

Rochelle had caught seven different kinds of hell from her father. Thankfully Stacy's family didn't sue. For the longest time Rochelle felt the largest amount of guilt she'd ever felt. She found it hard to look at her dad or Stacy.

And now she could feel that old terror she got when heights were involved. She started up the tree. Her hands shook. Her heart hammered away in her chest like a jackhammer. She could swear it was going to pop out of her mouth.

She wasn't that far up when Rochelle stopped. She felt like her heart was going to explode. Sweat dripped from her forehead.

"You okay." Oliver called down.

Great. They could tell she was having trouble. She was trying to be the one holding them together. A killer was out there and she was pissing herself over a damn tree.

"I'm fine." She said. Her breathing ragged. "Me and heights. We don't get along."

"Want me to come back over?" Oliver offered.

"No!" She said. Louder and more aggressive then she'd intended. "Sorry. I can do this. No need to risk another trip over."

Rochelle felt pathetic.  Clinging to the tree. Damn. Oliver was pulling that white knight shit again. She forced herself up. Trying to take deep breaths as she went.

"Easy. Right?" She said under her breath. "Don't look down."

She climbed till she was level with the top of the fence. Oliver waited on the other side. Cindy had already climbed down in the time it took Rochelle force her way up.

"C'mon, little more." Oliver said.

"Easy for you to say. I'm that could fall. I could hit the tree or the fence on the way down, Get all twisted up. Hurt bad."

"From this height you'd probably die."

"Thanks a whole lot."

"If that fucker finds us up here, we're all dead. C'mon, I'll grab you."

Oliver reaches out to her.

What an asshole. Him or you?  Both.

Her heart was ready for lift off. She took a deep breath. "Fuck it."

Rochelle took his hand and jumped over.

"Easy now."

As Oliver helped her over she could feel some barbed wire catch her leg. Rochelle wanted to check it. But the urge to get on the ground was stronger. It could wait. Her poor jacket. It had see better days. It'd done it's best to cover the barbed wire and got turned into Swiss cheese in the process.

"Everything okay." Oliver asked.

"You know your a shitty motivational speaker Oliver." She smiled. "Thanks."


"Can we get the fuck down from here?"


They made their way through a thick wooded area. It was now almost totally dark in the woods. With just moonlight to go by for sight. They'd agreed that using Rochelle's lighter would be a mistake. Like waving a sign over their head saying: "We're right here! Come get us!" She was sad they had to use her jacket to make some bandages. The three of them had ended up with a few cuts. The poor thing had been torn up really bad anyway. What was left after all that wasn't wearable. The chill in the air had gotten worse, add the fact that she was sweating. But neither Oliver or Cindy had jackets, so she couldn't complain. All three of them were suffering.

They exited the woods into a large field. At first Rochelle thought it was just overtaken by weeds. And then she noticed they where but there. It was some kind of corp. Of course! But before she could say anything Cindy cut her off.

"Holy shit. Look at all this weed!"

No wonder that fence was there. This was someone's little cash crop here.

"What" Oliver said. "You mean this is somebodies marijuana farm?"

"Yeah. Your sister's right. It is."

"Great. Trade one trouble for the other. They're not going to be happy we're here."

"Well we can't go back guys." Cindy said. "Maybe nobody is here."

"Your right. I rather face a couple hillbillies then the ghost who walks back there."

Rochelle made a face. Oliver saw it instantly.

"Sorry. I didn't mean." He said. "I shouldn't have used that word."

"Don't be. Not your fault. Lot of kids, when we moved here, they hear your from Kentucky and then instantly think your some hillbilly."

"I'm still sorry."

"My brother always says the wrong thing. You get used to it."

"Thanks sis."

They moved through the field of pot. Following a dirt pathat it's center. They were about a third way through when Rochelle could have out the shape of a large barn up ahead. Oliver and Cindy noticed it as well. As they got closer a light snapped on. They all stopped dead. Waiting for some confirmation they'd been caught by some backwoods pot grower. But after what seemed like endless minutes waiting, the light clicked off. No pissed off dude with a shotgun had appeared. They moved again. The light snapping back on. A motion light! Rochelle took a deep breath. Whoever's propriety this was had the foresight for motion lights. What other security had they installed? Cameras? Dogs? Was hard to tell if there was any surveillance cameras in the dark. But thankfully she hadn't heard anything that sounded like guard dogs. As they neared the barn. A light came on the other side of the bar. A door slammed shut somewhere over there.

"Goddamn!" A strangely familiar voice said. "I gotta piss."

"Keep it down Johnny." Another familiar voice answered. "You fucking gotta broadcast the shit?"

"Sorry dude." The first voice said. A little lower now. "Think it was a good cook?"

"Ask Red. Not me. He's the brains."

"Hey, What's that light doing on?"

"I don't fucking know. Probably a rabbit or shit."

The sound of a door slamming open, then an gruffer unfamiliar voice joined them. "What's the fucking ruckus?"

The motion light on the side of the barn where Rochelle, Cindy and Oliver were clicked off.

"Johnny was wondering why the other light came on. Told him it was a fucking rabbit or something."

"And you know it's a rabbit how?" Gruff voice said. "ESfuckingP or something?"

There was silence for a few heartbeats. This third voice sacred the shit out of Rochelle.

"Um, no Red." The second voice finally answered.

"Well why don't you and numb nuts here go check it out?"

"Okay." The first voice said.

"Don't okay me. Just fucking do it. Can't believe you two are my nephews."

A door slammed shut.

Rochelle looked at Oliver and Cindy. All three were frozen in place a few feet from the side of the barn. If they moved that light would snap on. But what choice did they have?

"Oliver." Rochelle whispered. "You and Cindy run. Go right."


"Trust me Oliver."

"We could talk to them. Tell them what happened." Cindy said.

"I don't think they'd care." Oliver said.

"Besides...never mind. Just trust me. Go."

Rochelle darted left towards the corner of the bar. The light snapping on. And drawing the attention of the two men.

"Holy Shit!" One of them said.

They'd seen her. And she got a good look at them. It was the two assholes from the gas station. Rochelle ran. They were in hot pursuit. At least that's what she hoped. Now if Oliver did what she told him and took Cindy at least maybe they'd have a chance.

"Come on bitch! Gonna get ya!"

Up ahead of her two junked pickup trucks stood side by side. Looking for all the world like the gates to Hell. There wasn't much space between them. Not for those two guys. But her? She slide between the two trucks. Just enough room. One of her pursuers tried to follow her in. He stopped a little ways in. He was two wide get very far. He tried moving a little further in. But he only succeeded in getting himself stuck.

"How's your fingers?" She asked.

"Bitch!" Bo said.

Rochelle smiled a little. She'd really pissed this guy off. It filled her with no small amount of satisfaction. The other one would be coming around the other side to block her escape. Any time now. The driver's side window of the truck on the right was smashed. Perfect. The other idiot appeared. Johnny was it?

"Hey there sweets!" He said. Standing at the end of the gap. "Going my way?"


Rochelle grabbed the bottom of the broken truck window. Kicking off from the truck behind her she climbed. She could feel little bits of broken glass cutting into her hands. She went up on the cab and jumped down the other side.

"The fuck?"  Johnny said.

Rochelle hit the ground. She ran. Away from the two idiots and the trucks. That little stunt had bought her a little time maybe. She was too beat to out run them. But out thinking them? Maybe that was her only advantage here.

Rochelle stopped in her tracks as a light came on in the distance. Then a spotlight came beating down on her.

"Okay that's enough."

A broad shouldered man stepped in to the light. He had graying hair, cut in a crew-cut. He held a shotgun, cradled in his arms.

"You can give those idiots the run around all night. But I don't have time for that shit."

He leveled the shotgun at her chest.


When Rochelle had ran off, Oliver hesitated. More then anything he'd wanted to run after her. As much as he wanted to back Rochelle up there was Cindy. He couldn't abandon her. The lights came on and the two assholes took off after Rochelle. Oliver led Cindy around the back of the barn.

"We're not leaving her." Cindy said. "Ollie. We can't..."

"...Not going to Cin."

Behind the old barn was all manner of old metal scrap from cars. Rusting away. They could just fit through behind the barn. Provided they stayed close as possible to the barn. They rounded the barn to the other side. A large Winnebago sat on the other side. It looked immobile. There were lights on inside. A large man peered out one of the windows. He was wearing some kind of mask. Looked to Oliver like a gas-mask. If they tried to go between the barn and Winnebago that fuck would see them. Cindy, behind him couldn't see.

"Why'd we stop?"

"There's a guy here. We got to sneak around him."

Oliver and Cindy slowly made their way around the large mobile home. Staying flush with the side of it. In case the man inside got bored staring out the window on the other side. As the neared the back of the Winnebago Oliver stopped. There was just open ground. Somewhere out there he could hear those goons swearing. Rochelle was probably running rings around them.

The large man inside stormed out of the mobile home. The door slamming open. The motion light came on. Shit. Did he know they were out there?

No. He was walking away from them towards a large wood post. It was hard to tell, but it looked like he was carrying a shotgun. He flipped a switch or something on the post. At the last minute before the light popped on Oliver saw Rochelle run into view. Right towards the asshole with the shotgun.


Rochelle tensed. Out here her could fire and it wouldn't mean shit. There was nobody to hear him. If anybody did, they would just think what? Somebody was doing some target practice maybe?

"You not bad looking toots." He said. "Don't got time for some in and out though. So..."

"Hey dick hole." The voice came from behind him.

He turned. Just as startled as Rochelle was. Oliver jumped out of the darkness on the other side of the light. He fought with the Mr. Crew Cut for the shotgun. Cindy appeared out of the darkness. Jumping on the large man's back. But, before any good could come of it, Bo and Johnny found them.

"That's enough!" Bo said. He sounded tired. Rochelle had given him a nice workout.

Oliver and Cindy back away from Crew Cut. He waved the shotgun at them. Motioning them to stand next to Rochelle.

"Thought I told you guys to go." She said.

"Well..." Oliver said.

"Shut the fuck up!" Crew Cut cut in. "Who the hell are you idiots?"

"There's a guy after us." Cindy answered. "He killed our friends. He killed my boyfriend."

She started to cry.

"What?" Crew Cut asked.

"These two assholes gave us trouble at gas station today."

"Johnny you shit." Bo said. "Told you."

"Sorry Bo."

"What are you turds talking about?"

A loud crack cut off an answer. Johnny jerked violently as something hit him. Blood and brains flew out of his head. Another crack. As Johnny was hit in the chest. Everybody ran. trying to fin cover. Johnny fell to the ground. A blank look on his face.

Another shot cut through the night. Inches away from Oliver and Rochelle as they took cover behind an old metal tub. That was her hunting rifle. Their friend had found them. So, he was a great shot too. That would figure.

Where were the others?

Everyone had scattered. She saw Cindy. She'd crawled under the mobile home. Bo was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he'd hightailed it into the barn or made for the woods? She saw Crew Cut. He was behind a another large wood post. He fired to shotgun into the darkness.

Did he really think he'd hit him with that? Or was he trying to try and frighten him?

Either way it wouldn't work. But it was a good distraction. Maybe their stalker would concentrate on Mr Crew Cut and they could slip away.

"Oliver, think you could make it to your sister?"   Rochelle pointed at the mobile home.

Oliver looked at the space between them and his sister.


"Wait till this guy fires again and then go."


She wondered how their pale skinned friend was pulling off these shots at night. Maybe he had some night vision goggles or something on him. Or worse yet maybe this guy could just see in the dark. Crew Cuttook another shot and Oliver ran to his sister, almost slipping in the dirt. A few seconds after he cleared a shot dug into the ground. Shit. This guy was really good. Oliver had made it at least. Rochelle was very sure she should try the same stunt.

Where had the big guy, Bo went? She hadn't noticed him in the chaos.

Crew Cut looked back at her. "This fucker a friend of yours?"

"No fucking way. He's been hunting us."

"What the hell did you do to him?"

If only we knew. Then Rochelle noticed how quite it had gotten. Had he run out of ammo. Or was he trying a different strategy?

"Be ready. I think he's coming."

"He can suck on this." Crew Cut said. Holding his shotgun.

She looked over at Oliver and Cindy. Hunkered down under the RV.

"Guys. I think our friend is out of ammo."

Lights come on and the sound of one four wheeler's starting up. It races past them, Bo driving it at top speed.

"You asshole!" Crew Cut shouts. "Get back here!"

Bo doesn't get very far though as The large albino knocked him off the four wheeler with the butt of the hunting rifle. Bo flew off the vehicle and landed a few feet away with a sick crunch. He tried to to stand but something in him was broken. Instead all he could do was scream in pain. Which mercifully wasn't long as the Russian crushed Bo's head in with his foot.

Crew Cut rushed forward. He aimed the shotgun at the Russian and fired. The large man dropped.

"Was that your big bad wolf?" He asked.

He ejects the spent shell and walks forward.

"Boy what a weird looking fuck he is."

Oliver and Cindy come over and stand next to her.

"I don't think you ought to get too close to him." Cindy said. "You ever see a horror film?"

Crew Cut stops in his tracks. "I'm close enough anyway." He raises the shotgun.

There's a whooshing noise. Then Crew Cut stumbles back. The Russian's knife sticking in his throat. The shotgun tumbles from his hands. Falling to the ground. He falls to his knees. Blood jetting from his throat.

The Russian sat up. Just like one of those horror films Cindy mentioned.

Crew Cut, not dead yet reaches for his shotgun. But the Russian back on his feet strides over to him. Taking Crew Cuts head in his hands he twists until Crew Cut's head was facing the wrong direction.

The Russian pulled his knife from Crew Cut's throat and let him fall to the ground. Draping over the shotgun. He kicks the body.

Rochelle pushed Oliver and Cindy.

"We have to run."

"Where?" Cindy says. "He just keeps following us."

"We have to end it." Oliver said. "I have an idea. Get in the RV."

They run into the RV. The Russian watching them go.


Oliver slams the door shut behind them. He locks it. He turns and sees Cindy and Rochelle staring at the interior. It was a meth lab. "Holy shit." Oliver said. "Look at this stuff."

"Big dude gonna be coming Ollie." Cindy said. "What's your plan?"

Oliver quickly looked at the back end of the RV and then the front. "Cin, lock yourself in the bedroom in the back. There should be a window back there. Get it open."

She looks at her brother dumb founded.

"Go sis. Love ya."

"Okay. Back at ya."

Oliver turns to Rochelle, who's looking out one of the windows.

"He's circling us. Waiting for a good kill." She said.

"I'm going to let him in."

"Ha-Ha. What?"

"I'm gonna let him in. I want you to go out the driver's side window."


"You were the one with the plan before. My turn now. Trust me."

Oliver kissed her.


All of a sudden Oliver had grabbed her and kissed her. He whispered in her ear afterwards. Then she knew what he had planned. Oliver went to the door. Rochelle slid into the driver's seat. Thankfully the window was the old fashioned type. She rolled it down a little over half before it stopped. That should be enough she hopped. Oliver opened the door.

"Hey! Fuck face! Want to come in for some tea?"

She looked at Oliver. He shrugged.

Oliver backed up from the door towards the back of the RV. A large white hand gripped the door frame. That was Rochelle's sign to go. She squeezed through the window. Damn boobs she thought.

She dropped rather undignified to the ground. Cutting her knee open on a rock. She was bleeding but there was no time to check it out. She needed that shotgun or Oliver was dead. His damn fool plan might actually work. If it did she wouldn't slap the taste out of his mouth for that kiss. She might reciprocate. Might...


Oliver backed towards the bedroom door. The big dude walks towards him. Nonchalant. Like they were best buddies and not like he was going to rip Oliver's heart out.

"Cindy open the door!"

Oliver banged on the door as the big zombie guy stopped. Something on the counter drew his attention. One of those guy's respirators. Oliver heard the door click open behind him.

Cindy grabbed him and pulled him in, just as the big guy turned his attention back to Oliver. Oliver fell to the bedroom floor as Cindy slammed the door shut.


Rochelle went to the RV's door. The Russian was standing a few feet from the bedroom door. She closed it as quietly as she could. She backed away from the RV. Keeping her eyes on it in case he decided to come after her. Just taking a quick glance over her shoulder to see if she was near Crew Cut's body.


Oliver watched as the door buckled from the first blow. It was so cheap, it wouldn't hold out long. He watched the door, almost dazed. Cindy was busy smashing away at the window.

"C'mon Ollie!"

Oliver got to his feet.

"Help me with the window!"

Cindy was smashing it with a metal statue she'd found. Oliver rushed over as the door buckled. He didn't look for anything to use, instead using his hands. The glass cutting into them as he pushed the glass out of the window. The door began to split as it was hit a third time.


Rochelle Strained. Trying to roll Crew Cut off his shotgun. The guy was a real fat ass. Damn! She could hear the door getting smashed. He already tired muscles strained as she hefted the dead weight up. It only had to be a little. Enough to get the shotgun.


Oliver pushed the last bit of glass out of the window. His hands were a mess but he wasn't feeling it yet.

"Go Cin." Oliver said. "When you land, just keep running."

He helped his sister through the window.


"I'll be with you sis."

She dropped into the darkness. Behind him Oliver heard the door finally give up the ghost. He turned around grabbing the statue Cindy had used on the window. He had to buy Rochelle enough time.

"Okay buddy."

Oliver swung the statute. Bouncing it off the big man's head. The Russian tilted his head a little. His blank expression was worst then if he'd got pissed.

Oliver backed towards the window.


Rochelle slid the shotgun out from under the body. She checked it quick. Ejecting the spent shell from Crew Cut's last shot. One shell left. She got up and ran, nearly getting run down by Cindy.

"Oliver he..."

"I'm on it!" Rochelle said. "Take cover on the other side of the barn."



Cindy took off running towards the barn. Rochelle made her way to the rear of the RV. There was the smashed bedroom window. Oliver was fighting the Russian. Shit.

"Oliver! Get out of there!"

Idiot. Stop being a hero. She had one shell, she couldn't use it on the Russian. There had to be a better way to distract him so Oliver could jump. She looked around the nearby ground. Something...yes! Rocks. She grabbed a few rocks and started throwing them. She heard Oliver swear as the first one hit him. The second went wide, bouncing off the RV's outside.

"Stay on target."

The third rock sailed through the air. Direct hit! Bouncing off pale white cranium. A fourth and fifth rock followed suit and the startled Russian stumbled back. Those years of softball weren't for nothing.

"Oliver get your ass out of there!"

Oliver started out the window. The big man lunged at him. Oliver let out a cry of pain and fell from the window. Rochelle looked at the RV's back. Were? Were was it?

Oliver got up and staggered towards her.

There! Under just near where the license plate would be. The propane tank!

Oliver limped past her.

Rochelle lined up the shot. She looked up at the Russian. He stood in the bedroom, He raised his knife, ready to throw it.

"Welcome to America! Mother fucker!"

She squeezed the trigger. The world lite up and for the briefest time she was flying through the air like a superhero. Too brief asshe crashed back to the ground. She rested there on the ground laughing hysterically as flames shot skyward. It wasn't till a minute later, when Cindy ran over that Rochelle realized two things: One her jean's where on fire. As Cindy quickly patted out the fire. Second. She couldn't hear out of one of her ears. She touched it a found blood dripping out of it. Cindy helped her too her feet. The world was fire and noise.

"You okay?" She heard Cindy ask with her good ear.

"Yea-Yeah. Think so. Where's Oliver?"

They found him lying against a tree.

"Today the 4th of July?" He said.

He was holding his side. His hand and shirt was soaked in blood.

"He got a lucky shot I guess."

"Ollie!" Cindy said. "Let me look at it."

"No keep your hand there Oliver." Rochelle turned to Cindy. "You know the way back?" Cindy looked at her.


"I you got on the road, could you find help?"


"Get on that ATV.Can you drive it?"

"Yeah, I can try."

"Drive it over here and we'll get Oliver on the back."

Cindy ran towards the RV.

Rochelle sat down next to Oliver. He looked at her.

"You beautiful you know?"

"Sure, I guess."

"Would you go out with me? Don't let the stomach wound color you answer."

"Yeah, I would. What would we do?"

Rochelle heard Cindy start the ATV.

"We'd check out the sea. Always wanted to go."

"Yeah, of course we would."

C'mon Cindy. Get over hear.

He smiled at her.

"Tell me about the sea."


© Shane Migliavacca 2016


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