The Sociopath

by CJ INsanity


Sitting around the table
I can talk they're not able
Six Shotgun shells hit the floor
When I cocked it back and pulled the trigger,
My mother and brothers were no more.

I poured gasoline everywhere I saw,
Called the police
And Said it was an armed robbery,
Then I light the match and watch the evidence turn to ash.

I say the man had a mask
6 feet tall and an act for madness,
The report went out
But the one thing theynever noticed,
That the one to set the fire
Was their own kid.

I got away free
Killing my family.
They're going out the door
Researching this more
My record is clean
I'm only 16 and I don't have an ID.

The case is dropped,
No handcuffs for me
I got away luckily
Next time it won't be so messy.


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