The Sun Door Part 34

by Joe Solmo

Before the dragon even spoke my ass was growing sore. I wondered if being eaten by those big teeth would be less painful than listening to the story. Surely it would be over quicker. That sounded good to me at the moment. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the group also settling in. I bet at least one of them is interested.

            Wait, something seemed off. Being a natural sly and smooth character, I didn’t let on that I found something amiss. I watched sideways as Serius began to change size. He was doing it so slowly I almost missed it. In fact, it looked like the rest of the group say nothing out of the ordinary. Even the big scaly asshole in front of us didn’t see anything. He was too busy gathering his thoughts to toot his own horn.

            Speaking of which, the dragon snorted loud enough to draw my attention back to him. He looked at me with one large yellow eye, scrutinizing my existence for a moment. “Today you will learn something, no mortals know. You have no idea how lucky you are,” the dragon said and then looked over the group.

            I took a quick second to dart a glance over at Serius, or what remained of the Dontu. He was diminishing almost deflating like one of those sacks of cow guts the entertainers fill with some gas that makes them float. At least that’s how they explained it to me, but I am sure it was just magic. Filthy, untrusty magic. Speaking of which I should peek down at the kid in the book, I thought.

            Skrat wasn’t there at the moment, but I could hear faintly some rummaging coming from the magical pages. I looked back up to find the dragon looking at me. I winked. The set of balls on me lately!

            “Mortal, please pay attention. If I allow you to live, you might want to regale your friends with my tale. It is wrought with adventure and intrigue. There is no chance you will be able to tell the story like I can, but try to at least get the facts correct,” the pompous overgrown lizard said and yawned.

            I felt something tugging on shirt that I wore untucked. I looked down to see a four-inch Serius look up at me. I wonder what his game plan was. He was already too small for the dragon to choke on, although that would solve both my current problems. He darted under my knees and I lost track of him and tried to pay attention to the dragon who had already begun his tale.

            “The war for dominance in the lower worlds have raged for eons. This Dreymorion here should know that part of the story. Clans of demons, devils, and other beings fought for the right to rule over what some of you would call Hell.”

            “The sides were so equal they tried to recruit from other worlds to turn the tide in their favors. Evil faeries from dark realms of Shadow Forest came and fought alongside the demon clan known as the Graylings. A group of shapeshifting demons that would take the form of mortals then dispose of them, devouring the soul within. That soul would feed their leader, King Faryord the First. The Dreymorions decided to fight fire with fire and through dark rites created the Dontu race, to act as spies and bodyguards,” the dragon continued.

            “So far no Charstrike,” I said with a yawn.

            “I was giving you some backstory, you insufferable twit!” the dragon roared and I almost regretted acting like an ass. Almost. It faded as quickly as my interest in settling down with a family after seeing three screaming kids at the marketplace. I nodded to the dragon so that he would continue his story. Think he would believe me if I told him I wanted to hear it with my eyes closed to envision the story and not because I fell asleep?

            “The two most powerful clans, the Graylings and the Dreymorions were in a stalemate for years, when the leader of the Dreymorions had an idea. To recruit a dragon into his ranks. He knew my kinds penchant for riches and began to collect gems and precious metals from all the worlds he knew. King Faryord also thought of the mighty dragons and made a deal with the underdwarves from the Painforge. They gathered the riches in record time and soon winged death swooped on the Dreymorion strongholds. My kin wiped out half of the Dreymorion Clan’s population in less than one moon’s cycle,” Charstrike explained.

            I saw the tiny Dontu darting behind the dragon now, undetected, except for me. What ever he had planned it had better work, because I really didn’t want to have to fight this dragon. I mean I really, really didn’t want to fight this dragon. I might run, to be honest.

            “There was one dragon who had yet to join the war. Charstrike. Most dragons thought me a legend, so did King Faryord and therefore didn’t search for me. I saw what was happening and knew that if the Graylings won, the mortal realm was doomed. You mortals, as insufferable as you are, do have your purposes. Food for one,” Charstrike said and winked at me. That snarky son of a bitch! He paused for dramatic effect, or he forgot what he was talking about. I only noticed because of the two seconds of blessed silence.

            “Your father, Dreymorion, wanted to rule the lower worlds, but cared little for the life of mortals. I knew if he were to win, the mortal realm would be left to it’s devices. My kinds food source would remain safe. You father quested for the Oblivion Crystal from the Dark Times. An artifact that could destroy life on a grand scale. He wanted to defeat the Graylings while preserving what little people he had left. I came out of my lair shortly after he left you to find this crystal. Armed with my knowledge, I led him to this artifact and we returned to your clan. It only took a few days to nearly wipe out the Grayling clan. My fire and your father’s artifact destroyed the opposition. None of the other demon clans wanted to war and conceded to your father. We had won the war,” the dragon finished and held his head up high.

            “Seems like the Crystal was the real tide turn…” I began but got backhanded by Drejnin pretty hard, I fell over backwards, dropping the book.

            “Is this what you mortals call a joke?” Charstrike asked. I looked down my shirt and saw the welt growing on my chest. It stung worse than getting dumped at Spring Festival.

            “Yeah, so funny it hurts,” I said and looked at Drejnin. He gave me a look. I guess I magnificence was wearing out.

            “For my part in the war, your father gave me this duty. He gave me the riches and this new lair. All he asked in return was to keep anyone from using the Moon Door to go to the lower worlds. I swore this oath. I can not break it,” Charstrike said.

            Since story time was over I rose to my feet and reached for the book, but the dragon was quicker. His large talon pinned the book to the stone floor, then began to drag it towards him. “Oh Crap,” I think I said out loud.

            I looked at Dead-Eye and confirmed I indeed said it out loud. He agreed with me. I turned back towards the disappearing book. “Kid, if you got a solution now is the time!” I yelled out, hoping he could hear me.

            Just then A flash of blue light washed over us. Serius had opened the Moon Door somehow. The dragon grew enraged and turned towards the dontu. Our little group of adventurers dove out of the way of the scaled tail as it swept the chamber.  Jarris pulled out his sword, but I wonder if it was just for show. He didn’t charge in the few seconds he had before the kid finally acted.

            A stream of frost exploded from the book, striking the dragon. Water crystals began to form on his scaled. A sound like a yelp escaped the dragons lips. Seeing that the mage had struck out towards the dragon, the brothers took up arms as well. The icy onslaught continued from the book as Serius began to grow large and wrestle with the dragon.

            “Drejnin, run!” Serius said and nodded towards the open Moon Door, its blue light illuminating his face.

            The icy stopped for a moment and a quick explosion sent us all to the floor. When I sat up the book was gone, but Skrat stood there. He was firing hail from his palms at the dragon pushing him back. “I can’t hold him forever, head towards the Moon Door,” the young mage said.

            Jarris helped me to my feet and I returned the favor with others of our party. I looked up at the dragon watching us with hatred. His eyes narrowed as he studied the mage.

            “Who are you?” he asked. “Who resides in that vessel?”

            Skrat intensified his attack as we all ran towards the door. He tried to back towards it, but the dragon was beginning to charge up with fire breath. It didn’t take a dragon expert to see what was about to happen. I knew this because I could see what was about to happen. This was going to go bad, quick.

            “Come on kid, you gotta get out of there!” I yelled. If Skrat heard me, he didn’t let on. The dragon’s throat began to glow and his expression changed from anger, to arrogance.

            “Mage! You will die, no matter who you are trying to be,” Charstrike said and expelled fire towards the kid. I screamed out, fearing for the mage’s life.

Just then Moose charged his youngest brother and shoved him towards me at the door. The dragon fire engulfed the big idiot and we lost sight of him in the brightness of the fire. The heat washed over me almost instantly I half dragged, half fell with the kid into the Moon Door. We were the last ones in. We fell through into a foreign landscape of overcast sky and strange flora as Drejnin closed the door behind us. The Dreymorion reached out his massive hand to me and I accepted it. He helped me to my feet.

“I am home,” he said and took a deep breath. “Thank you Marsh.”


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