The Sun Door Part 36

by Joe Solmo

I would say all hell broke loose, but since we were technically in hell it didn’t seem appropriate. I’m sure someone smarter than me has the words to describe the scene. I will do the best I can, but no promises.

The General managed to strike Drejnin a solid blow, the weapon’s blade sunk a few inches into the Prince. Serius was on Kreadan so fast I almost missed it. The impact of the dontu knocked the weapon from the general’s hand as they crashed into the wall behind them.

I ran over to the big man and wrenched the weapon from his side. He let out a scream as his blood sprayed me. At first, I thought he was going to come after me, but the furious gaze left me and fell on the general. I turned towards the rest of the party to see how we mortals were fairing against these things.

Myder was down, Hall was checking his wounds, Weebly and Jarris were trying to hold the onslaught back to give him time. Dead-Eye had a sword in hand, facing off two of the soldiers. Well he might accidently stab me, but at least he won’t shoot me, I thought.

I ran over, pulling my own weapon out and did my best to bury it into the demonic flesh that wanted to harm me. Believe it or not, Dead-Eye didn’t manage to even scratch me. He was all business as he chopped away at our enemies.

After we teamed up on one, Dead-Eye and I caught our breath and watched Jarris fight. The bastard was in his element. I saw a grin from ear to ear as his fiery blade burned those unholy sons of bitches. His eyes twinkled, like a fifteen-year-old in his first whorehouse.

Hall got knocked down on top of Myder by one of the guards as he backed away from Dead-Eye and me. It but the demonic bastard off balance and we used that opportunity to run him through. Easy as Dead-Eye’s ex, at least as he tells it.

I helped Hall up and saw the look in his eyes. I know that look, I have seen it before. I looked down at Myder, laying there lifeless. I had almost forgotten that we were just merely mortal men, being in the company of such greatness. I shook my head and tried to hide the tear forming. Myder was a good guy. Loyal to a fault. He didn’t deserve to die in this hell.

“Maybe Drejnin can do something?” I said. Hall shook his head.

“Not unless he can resurrect.” Hall also had that glistening in his eyes.

“These damn demonic birds just shit in my eye,” I said wiping the tears away.

“They will do that,” Hall said and bent down to tend to Myder’s corpse.

When the scuffle was over we had won, but not without paying the cost. Weebly had taken a blade through the neck. His head was only attached by some skin. Probably the first time he had a shave in years. I thought. It’s kind of funny what runs through your head in times like this.

The guards were all dead. We all had injuries and limped towards the nearest building to find shelter while Drejnin and Serius dragged the corpses of the dead demons out of sight. We licked our wounds while we waited for them.

Dead-Eye was unscathed, I had a few knicks but I would be find. Hall fussed over Jarris who swore he would be alright. Each of the brothers, Sreg, Skrat, and Zeeg sat off from us, talking quietly. Bandages wrapped their wounds.

“It’s a damn shame about Myder,” I said patting Dead-Eye on the back. Before We became good friends, Myder used to partner with Dead-Eye.

“Hell of a card player,” Dead-Eye said shaking his head before burying them in his hands. I gave him some space and went to check on Hall. He was taking both Weebly and Myder’s death hard. He was sworn to heal; every one he loses took a part of him. It is so much easier to just not care. I got it easy.

Drejnin entered the building, taking up the whole entrance. Serius slithered past him into the room. “I am sorry for your friends,” Drejnin said towards us humans.

I nodded towards him. Hall just stared blankly off to a day when his friend was still alive.

“Is there nothing you can do?” I asked.

“The rules here are different. Life and death mean different things. I can not bring back the dead,” Drejnin said.

“Couldn’t hurt to ask,” I said with a shrug. We settled in for a nap, Serius and Drejnin set up a watch for us, since they required less sleep. It didn’t take long for me to pass out.

We awoke a few hours later, but the sky didn’t look any different. I stretched out the muscles stiff from sleeping on the stone floor. Both Myder and Weebly’s bodies were missing.

“What did you do with them!” Hall inquired in a menacing voice.

“Is it not customary for your people to be buried after death?” Drejnin asked.

“Yes,” Hall responded.

“We took care of it while you slept. They have been buried in the back of the royal cemetery. I have honored their memory,” The dreymorian explained.

“But..” Hall said, wanting something to be upset about, but didn’t find anything.

            “I just meant to save you the trouble. I meant no disrespect,” Drejnin said and bowed towards Hall.

            “Thank you,” Hall said and sighed. He made a fuss of looking over all of out wounds, no matter how small to put himself to use. We let him do it out of compassion.

            “What the next step?” Zeeg asked, approaching us.

            “We go to my father. But we do it my way,” Drejnin said.

            “Good. The sooner we do this, the sooner we can go back for Moose,” Zeeg said.

            “Do you really think he is still alive?” I asked and instantly regretted it. He gave me the look of death and I think I squeaked.

            “I don’t know if he could survive the breath of a great dragon, but I do know he has the most loyal brothers a man can ask for,” Drejnin said and placed his large hand on Zeeg’s shoulder.

            Jarris came up to Drejnin next. “Will you stand in my way if I try to kill your father?” he asked.

            “I will not, but I must warn you. My father is the most powerful being I know. I think it would be folly to attack him,” the big man said.

            “I have a secret weapon. My faith,” Jarris said and walked away. I don’t think I rolled my eyes but couldn’t be sure.

            “Well let’s get this untimely death over with, shall we?” I asked and shouldered my pack, now heavier with my share of the dead’s provisions. On that upbeat note, we headed back out onto the demon streets heading into the maw of the beast.


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