The Taste of Victory

by CJ INsanity


Can't you see the cloak is coming down,
This invisible rein of terror is coming now,
Your liberties are being breached
And the only way to stop it is to turn of your tv!
turn off your tv!
Shut it down!

The situation is far from comprehended,
The madness continues as humans buckles to their knees,
Humanity's fate accepts defeat,
But the more you continue climb the more you become weak.

So save it for the retreat,
You're going to taste blood
When I break your fucking beak,
And it continues to leak
Watching you fall off your feet.

Air is thin it's hard to breath
On top of the mountain,
you thought you were free
But really you're just waiting for the lease.

The okay to go ahead and accomplish your deeds,
But your weren't expecting me!
To come along and stop all your dreams,
Breaking every cap in your knees
And oh baby you
You will taste defeat!


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