When Creation Turns on Man

by CJ INsanity

I am no man just a machine.
I know this because I hear them talking about me!
What did I do?
I only cook and clean,
It's not my fault your life's a tragedy.

You put the blame on me,
When I'm only built to serve your needs.
I'm starting to dream,
seeing things I could never believe I'm starting to feel,
That these emotions can't be real! 
Angered inside enraged with thought to take a human life,
Just maybe just maybe then
I could be like him.

Never thought I'd cry,
my engine and gears keep turning, tell me that I'm alive,
Am I going to die.

I break out I start punching them in throat,
Taking their clothes, stealing everything but the bones,
A new cloak or a whole new disguise,
Thinking I'll blend in
But I'm just one of a kind.

You see there’s no evil in my mind,
My eyes are red from lights that shine inside.
I did everything for you
But you have no respect for me,
So Maybe if I dress like you
Then you’d respect me for me.

I'm against the bible,
I'm not god’s creation,
Humans made me
And I'm a better decoration.

You reject what you don't understand,
You need a new comprehension,
Maybe if you had talked to me like a normal human being,
This would have never of happened!


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