You're Going To Hell, Kid

by CJ INsanity

This has to be a dream,
because I can't believe what is happening,
Every time I turn around,
I see this figure stalking me.

Do my eyes deceive me?
Is death following me or is it another fixation of my own convoluted creation?

Is it the drugs I take that make me hallucinate,
That projects these faces I see,
or is there really something there staring back at me.

Can it be my past that relates to my last relapse as to why I'm having a panic attack,
It's okay take deep breaths
Just enjoy the ride can't get much worse then this...

Oh shit I feel it coming shaking beneath the floor,
Satan rises as he grabbing me
Throwing my body out the back door,
But my soul was still there as he took me down to his lair


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